CINDY WOLFE-WITHERS has resided in Sevier County Tennessee all her life, and can trace her ancestry here over five generations. Her great, great, grandfather and mother came here from Virginia to a land grant on Middle Creek, which is today known as Dollywood. Her mother opened one of the first woman-owned businesses in our county. When her Mom retired and closed Sue’s Fashions, it was the longest running single owner business in our county, at 55 years. It was here that Cindy started her career in women’s retail at the age of 10. In 1994 she began her career in Real Estate. She has worked continuously in Real Estate, in Sevier County, for over 28 years, and has worked with Leonard Waring for over 12 years. She enjoys her work in Real Estate and enjoys living here in Sevier County. She finds her career rewarding and she is passionate about matching people with the right properties!